Original Pyramid Putter vs Pyramid iCOR Putter: What’s the Difference?

Pyramid iCOR Putter Blade and Mallet Head

New iCOR Putter Technology Explained

I had no clue that the original Pyramid Putter was going to be such a massive hit with golfers around the world. I had this idea for a self-correcting putter, turned it into a reality, and set it loose on the market - and it took off like a rocket.

After a year or so of enjoying the success of the original Pyramid Putter, I suddenly started to get this sinking feeling in my gut from one intrusive thought.

“How the hell am I gonna top this?”

After plenty of time, consideration, and designing, the iCOR Putter began to take shape. On top of improving the original design, I wanted to make sure that this updated putter retained everything that made the original Pyramid Putter such a disruptor.

To be clear, the iCOR Putter has all of the original game-changing features of its predecessor, including:

  • Patented Gear Effect Grooves on the heel and toe to bring miss-hits back on-line to the intended target
  • Horizontal Sweet Spot Grooves to promote forward roll and reduce skidding
  • Eye Line Milling to get you set up in the ideal putting position

  • Target Alignment Milling to make it easier for you to line up your putts
  • Uniform Grip Technology with a proprietary Silicone Texture to allow for a consistent grip pressure

On top of all of that, the iCOR has four upgraded features and benefits as we’ll explain below.

Get ready to meet your new favorite putter.


Precision Milled Grooved Insert

While the original Pyramid Putter is crafted from a cast stainless steel with CNC-milled grooves, the iCOR Putter takes things a step further.

The iCOR Putter features an insert made from aircraft-grade aluminum with three sets of our patented grooves. 

  • A set of horizontal grooves to reduce skidding and promote forward roll
  • A set of grooves on the heel to prevent pulled putts
  • A set of grooves on the toe to eliminate pushed putts

The consistent roll means you’ll come up short far less often, and your long-range speed control will improve, too.


iCOR Speed Correcting Compound

The iCOR Speed Correcting Compound is a proprietary material manufactured directly into the heel and toe of the putter head, behind the aluminum insert. 

This material flexes a little when a ball is struck on the heel or the toe, giving the ball more momentum as if it were struck in the center of the face. 

This compound also raises the Coefficient of Restitution (COR) across the putter – and a higher COR means less energy loss on miss-hits.

That’s why we call this material “Speed Correcting Compound” – because it ensures that your off-center strikes will roll almost as far as your solid ones.


Stability Weighting

The Pyramid iCOR Putter weighs in at 395 grams, about 50 grams more than the average putter.

We did this for three reasons:

  1. A heavier head keeps the muscles in your fingers, hands, and wrists from controlling the putter, while simultaneously engaging the muscles in the arms and shoulders.
    This is exactly what you need for a sound, repeatable pendulum-type stroke.
  2. More weight in the head creates a steadier, smoother stroke path.
  3. The extra weight in the head is less likely to twist off-line on a miss-hit.


Hi MOI Mallet Design

Last but not least, let’s talk about the new mallet design.

The iCOR Putter is available in a new Hi MOI (Moment of Inertia) mallet design.

Why does this matter? A putter with high MOI won’t twist as much as a putter with low MOI, giving you a more stable putting stroke.


Pyramid iCOR Putter

★★★★★ (20+)

The original "self-correcting" putter now gives you superior distance control, forgiveness, and feel.

As you can see, we really pulled out all the stops for this new putter release.

First and foremost, we stayed true to the original Pyramid Putter. Keeping that in mind, we added four new features to give you superior distance control, forgiveness, and feel.

If you still have questions, feel free to email us at support@breakevengolf.com or give us a call at +1 888-670-3175. Otherwise, enjoy your new favorite putter.

Until next time,

Matt Stephens

Inventor: Pyramid Putter, Pyramid iCOR Putter 

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