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Pyramid Putter

Pyramid Putter

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Make more putts from short, medium and long range with the revolutionary Pyramid Putter!

What makes the Pyramid Putter Superior?

Limited Dispersion Grooves, or three sets of precision-milled scoring lines to ensure putts roll smoothly and on-target - even if your stroke is off - by imparting a small but significant amount of correction on off-center strikes. Otherwise known as “Gear Effect”.

Target Alignment Milling helps position eyes directly over the ball and align the ball with sweet spot for consistent performance 

Uniform Diameter Grip (larger than standard) that promotes a light yet steady hand pressure for a smooth, consistent pendulum stroke.

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1 Year Warranty

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Made By Golfers For Golfers

Conforms to the Rules of Golf

1 Year Warranty

Made By Golfers For Golfers

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Conforms to the Rules of Golf

Golfer retrieving ball from hole on green with putter resting nearby.

Average 2.4 Stroke Gain

In a 9-hole test, our group averaged just 1.9 strokes on 20-foot putts, achieving more one-putts than three-putts. This means you'll sink those crucial putts more often and avoid the dreaded three-putts.

Toe Milling = No More Pushed Putts...

Strike the toe of a standard putter and you’ll usually push the ball. But the angled toe milling on the Pyramid Putter gets the ball tracking on your intended line.

Heel Milling = No More Pulled Putts...

Striking the heel of a conventional putter typically causes – you got it – a deflating pull. Not so with the Pyramid Putter thanks to the angled scoring lines on the heel portion.

Sweet Spot Milling =No Skidding or Bouncing

When you strike the center of the Pyramid Putter, the horizontal grooves give the ball topspin – so there’s no skidding or bouncing as it tracks the hole. The consistent roll means you’ll come up short far less often, and your long-range speed control will improve, too.

Putter ready to strike a golf ball on green grass backdrop.
Pyramid Putters ad highlighting target alignment grooves with a golf ball and putter illustration.

 enhance your accuracy and distance control

Notice the series of grooves, aligned to form a pyramid, on the putter’s top line. With your eyes over the ball, you can easily tell if it’s directly aligned with the sweet spot.

Grip Like a Pro

The larger than standard grip diameter is uniform all the way through, promoting light yet steady hand pressure while limiting movement for a smooth, consistent pendulum stroke.

Black grip with proprietary silicone texture, 1-1/8' non-taper design, labeled 'PYRAMID.'

Try On Your Home Course For a Full 30 Days

Because an in-store patch of turf doesn’t give you the real experience.

We get it: in golf, gimmicks are everywhere. We believe you shouldn’t have to blindly trust claims – you deserve to test them yourself, right on your home course.

That’s why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee and 1-year warranty (or upgrade to 5 years for $14.95) on our products. So you can test them the right way, and see real improvement in your game.

Every Detail Designed to Give You an Edge Over the Competition

Comparison chart of golf equipment highlighting features of different clubs and a rangefinder labeled 'Us' versus 'Them'.

Questions? We Have Answers.

If Pyramid products are so effective, why don’t I see them on the PGA tour?

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Do Pyramid products conform to the Rules of Golf?