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Pyramid Next Gen iCOR Putter

Pyramid Next Gen iCOR Putter

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The New Pyramid iCOR Putter (available in both blade and mallet models) features:

Uncanny accuracy, even on mis-hits with the precision-milled Gear Effect insert

Superior distance control with iCOR Speed Correcting Compound

Easy target alignment with a unique milled alignment guide

Smooth, steady feel off the face with stability weighting & a no-taper grip


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1 Year Warranty

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Made By Golfers For Golfers

Conforms to the Rules of Golf

1 Year Warranty

Made By Golfers For Golfers

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Conforms to the Rules of Golf

Features & Tech Behind Pyramid iCOR Putter

Forgiveness on Off-Center Hits

Never experience a pushed or pulled putt again. Enjoy a consistent roll with every putt, ensuring predictable and reliable performance on the greens.

Gear Effect Grooves on Insert

Similar to a driver's "gear effect", the iCOR Putter brings mis-hits back to center thanks to its patented grooved insert technology.

Diagram showing a golf putter with arrows indicating draw and fade options.

⁠Giant Sweet Spot

The proprietary C.O.R. material added to the heel and toe cavities behind the iCOR Speed Correcting Insert makes the entire insert one giant sweet spot, boosting MOI to increase stability.

Automatic Distance Control

By combining the grooves with the insert and C.O.R. material, you have a putter with exceptional distance control and directional accuracy.

Steady, Smooth Stroke Path

Weighing 395 grams, the heavier than average head engages certain muscles to give you a sound, repeatable, pendulum-type stroke along with a steadier, smoother stroke path.

Set Up with Your Eyes Directly Over the Ball

The eye-line milled alignment guide on the putter's top line puts you in the perfect putting position so you can easily tell if it's directly aligned with the center of the face.

Black textured grip with non-taper design and 'PYRAMID' logo against blue background.

Grip Like a Pro

The larger than standard grip diameter is uniform all the way through, promoting light yet steady hand pressure while limiting movement for a smooth, consistent pendulum stroke.

How the iCOR Putter Compares to the others

Comparison chart showing ICOR vs. other golf putters with various features.

Try On Your Home Course For a Full 30 Days

Because an in-store patch of turf doesn’t give you the real experience.

We get it: in golf, gimmicks are everywhere. We believe you shouldn’t have to blindly trust claims – you deserve to test them yourself, right on your home course.

That’s why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee and 1-year warranty (or upgrade to 5 years for $14.95) on our products. So you can test them the right way, and see real improvement in your game.

Every Detail Designed to Give You an Edge Over the Competition

Comparison chart of golf equipment highlighting features of different clubs and a rangefinder labeled 'Us' versus 'Them'.

Questions? We Have Answers.

If Pyramid products are so effective, why don’t I see them on the PGA tour?

Do you have any retail locations where I can try products before I buy them?

Do Pyramid products conform to the Rules of Golf?