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The Pyramid Golf Story

by Matt Stephens, Club Designer

I was introduced to the game of golf by my Dad and Grandpa when I was 4 years old. I’ve had a passion for the game since day one and have been in the golf industry in some shape or form my entire career. I have always believed that putting is one of the most difficult, but important aspects of the game. Putter design and technology have always fascinated me.

Several years ago, I was personally struggling with putting. I had been thinking about an angled groove concept that would increase forgiveness on mis-hit putts. Manufacturers make drivers that produce gear effect to help golfers hit more fairways. I thought, why not make a putter that has gear effect to help golfers hole more putts? I had a prototype putter made with angled grooves and through a lot of testing we found the concept worked.

Over the next year, I created and tested many prototypes to perfect the limited dispersion groove technology. The grooves on the top of the putter provide the golfer with a unique visual guideline that frames the ball. The alignment system works very well and it’s easy on the eyes, so many alignment aids on the market are distracting. We ended up with a final product that maximizes forgiveness and is packed with technology while still using traditional head shapes with clean lines that are easy on the eyes.

I took the final prototype product to my good friend and business partner, Derrick Dobbin (co-founder of F2 Golf) when he saw the putter in action, he knew we had something special.

Since then, I have worked with some of the top golf club designers in the world in developing state of the art golf clubs for the average everyday golfer, and continue to do so.