What Putter Length Do I Need? How to Measure Putter Length

Your One-Stop Guide to Measure Putter Length

It goes without saying that practice and quality golf clubs are two of the most important factors behind shooting lower scores; but what's frequently overlooked for most golfers - and often misunderstood - is choosing the right putter length.

Playing with the right putter length can have a significantly positive impact on your game - you just have to learn how to measure the proper putter length you need.

In this guide, we're going to cover why putter length matters, how to properly measure putter length, provide you with a quick reference chart, and end with our recommended putter. Let's get started.

Why Does Putter Length Matter?

It's pretty straightforward; if you play with a club that's too short or too long, your setup will be off - balance, center, angle, all of it. When your setup is off, your putts will be off, and so will your whole game. As a result, your scores will be nothing short of disastrous.

It's also equally important to mention that choosing the correct putter length creates the optimal lie angle. When putter length is measured correctly, the center of the putter head will comfortably lie on the ground, therefore resulting in the proper lie angle.

If your putter is too long, the heel of the putter will touch first. Conversely, if you're playing with a shorter putter, the toe of the putter will touch the ground. Therefore, playing with short or long putters will have a huge impact on the way you swing, while playing with the correct length putter can have a significantly positive impact on how you swing.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the length of the putter you play with determines your putting stance and setup posture. Playing with a long putter puts your eye position too far underneath the ball, while using a shorter putter puts it too far over, ultimately affecting your posture and putting stroke.

In other words, playing with the proper putter length encourages an upright posture while playing with a putter that's too long or too short throws off an otherwise correct posture.

As you can see, taking the time to measure putter length is not something that should be overlooked.

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The Most Accurate Way to Measure the Correct Putter Length

Below are the basic steps golfers should take to ensure that you're playing with the correct putter length.

What You'll Need

  • Another set of hands
  • Tape measure
  • Golf ball

Step 1: Determine Your Height

When measuring your height, record in centimeters as it's more accurate than measuring in inches. You can easily convert your height into inches using an online tool.

Step 2: Get Into Putting Position

Place the golf ball on the ground and assume a putting stance. Let your arms hang naturally and slightly bend at the waist so that your eyes are directly over the ball. Once you feel like you're in a natural position, pretend you're holding an imaginary club.

Step 3: Measure the Distance from Palms to Ground

Have your assistant grab the tape measure and record the distance from where your palm meets your wrist directly to the ground.

Record the distance in centimeters for a more accurate measurement and convert into inches. This is Measurement A.

Step 4: Measure from the end of Measurement A to the Ball

Next, have your assistant measure from the end of Measurement A to the inner edge of the golf ball in centimeters.

 Convert this number to inches. This is Measurement B.

Step 5: Simple Math

Lastly, we'll utilize Pythagorean Theorem to measure putter length accurately.

(A² + B² = C²)

Here's an example. Let's say Measurement A is 32" and Measurement B is 13"

32² + 13² = C² (Putter Length)

1024 + 169 = Putter Length

√1193 = Putter Length

34.5" = Putter Length

An Easy Way to Find Your Proper Putter Length

An easier, but less accurate, way to measure putter length is to grab your height from step 1 and reference this rough table or quick putter length fitting chart below.

6’0” - 6’3”

If you measure between 6’0” - 6’3”, you can go with a 35 inch putter length.

5’9” - 5’11”

If you measure between 5’9” - 5’11”, you can go with a putter length of 34" (A 34" to 34.5" standard putter is the standard length for most golfers)

5’6” - 5’8”

If you measure between 5’6” - 5’8”, a putter length of 33".

Quick Reference Putter Length Chart

For a slightly more accurate way to measure putter length, refer to this putter fitting chart.

Use this chart to easily measure putter length

Closing Tips

When shopping for putters, follow these closing tips before making a final decision.

Check to ensure the lie angle to confirm that it sets up properly at address position.

If your putter length falls under the standard putter length, double check your measurements to ensure you've measured correctly.

Finally, if you absolutely love your current putter that's a bit too short, you can always use a putter extension. This is a lengthy process that requires a professional club fitter that's not nearly as simple as adding a new grip - in all honesty, you're better off ordering a new putter.

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Thanks for interesting info on how to measure correct length for a putter.
Very helpful.

Ray wright

Just received, love the feel of club.
Grip is great.
Made a lot of putts.

Bob Miller

Grip size must also make a difference, especially for older golfers. I guess that’s a matter of trying various grips. Any advice. Same probably goes for any club.

Bob Watson

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