Why Golfers Chunk and Thin Chip Shots with Jimmy Hanlin

How to Stop Chunking Chip Shots and Start Getting Up-And-Down From Everywhere

Jimmy Hanlin here, and I'm going to tell you right now, why you chunk and thin chip shots. Most of the time, it's not your ability - it's the club in your hand.

The Problems with Most Pitching Wedges

I have a typical pitching wedge in my hand right here, which most of you would use from just off the green; pitching wedge, nine iron, eight iron.

1. Thin Sole

First things first; this has a thin soul, it doesn't have a lot of bounce.

It's not made to slide through the grass, it's made for you to hit full shots in the middle of the fairway and dig and take a divot.

We want to take a divot when we're hitting full shots in the fairway - that's what this club is designed to do right now.

2. Positioning

Secondly, if I set it flat on the ground, how I'm supposed to set and hit a full shot, this club is set so I should be a little bit away from it.

When I take the club away, this club's gonna have to go around me a little bit, and the club face is going to open up, which leads to a lot of errors.

This is because on the way down, I could easily close it too quickly, or leave it open and hit a bad shot. That's why this club is so difficult to hit.

So again, I'm farther away from it, I'm trying to not dig with this club - even though it's made to dig - and it's opening and closing.

Most of the time, I'm either going to close it too fast, hit it too hard, I'm going to hit behind it, I'm going to skull it, or I'm going to chunk it.

The Answer to All of These Problems

I have the answer to all of those problems right here - it's the P3 Pharaoh Wedge, and we're gonna go over those exact same things that we just told you with this wedge.

P3 Pharaoh Scoring Wedge

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1. More Upright = Better Positioning

Number one, the Pharaoh Wedge sets you up closer to the golf ball, it's more upright. So as I am more upright here, now my stroke, as you can see, will be able to go straight back, straight through, and right down the target line.

So there's no more opening and closing to this shot, it requires very little if any timing to hit the shot.

2. Digging & Hitting the Ground

Secondly, we talked about digging and hitting the ground.

These slide rails right here are heaven, they are your friend. You want to hit the ground now, because as I hit the ground when I'm hitting this shot, it's gonna slide right through this grass with no dig.

The key to this is no dig.

I purposely will try to hit the ground as I'm hitting this shot to feel it go through.

3. Sightline & Aiming

Next, sightline and aiming.

We talked about how the wedge opens and closes and how hard it is to time that aiming perfectly.

As I set up to this ball now, I have a slight line that’s like a rifle right on top of this wedge. I'm going to set it up and aim it just like I'm trying to make a putt right here, nice and tall.

The face stays the way it is, it goes right down the line, it's like on a string. As soon as it leaves, it's gonna lead the face of your club, and it's gonna go right where you're aiming.

you Only Have to Focus on Aim

It's very important because now we don't have to focus on anything else.

We don't have to focus on contact, we don't have to focus on timing, we don’t have to focus on whether we hit it then or whether we hit it fat.

Our big focus now is just to aim this shot right here, and if we aim it correctly, with the right stroke, and we read the green properly, it's gonna go right towards our target.

It's taken all anxiety and all thought out of our chip shot.

Again, so many friends in the Pharaoh Wedge.

These slide rails are great, the aiming part of it, it's like aiming a gun right down the line. It's so perfect, makes it so easy, and guess what - chipping’s going to be fun now in your golf game.

P3 Pharaoh Scoring Wedge

★★★★★ (250+)

Retail Price:


Your Price:

$149.00 + Free Shipping

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Michael C.


Amazing 50° club. Gets the ball up very quickly and gives me the lie I'm looking for. I highly recommend this club.

Stan G.


 To be honest I was skeptical about the Pyramid. My friends made fun of my new strange looking club. They don’t make fun of it anymore. I feel the Pyramid has really contributed to my lower scores. With practice, it is much easier to get up and down. The Pyramid is a keeper.

Dennis G.


I let my Uncle try it as we were playing a round of gold... he played so well with it he was amazed.  At the end of the round he bought it off of me and I had to go buy a new one.  It works so well and makes the game so much more enjoyable.

Matt B.


By far my favorite club around the green. This has definitely dropped strokes to my game and made my puts a lot more manageable

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