Around the World Putting Drill with Blair O'Neal

I'm Blair O'Neal joining you from my putting green here in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Now this is a great drill to make sure that you practice those short putts - but make sure that you're practicing every putt. Straight putts, right to left, left to right, you have it all in this Around the World game that helps to build confidence.

Ultimately, confidence is what we need in putting.

But you know what else gives you confidence? A great alignment tool with the Pyramid Putter, and that's something I want to show you right now.

Let's continue this game of Around the World. 

I'm going to have you be my eyes and set up over this putter, then this ball like you are hitting this putt.

The first thing with this overhead alignment, as you will notice, the actual pyramid shape right here which is going to help you perfectly set up the ball in the sweet spot of the putter face.

There's no messing it up because you have a great visual here.

Then we have the two lines on the top of the putter face.

Now, if you're a putter who loves to make sure that your eyes are directly over the ball, you can see those two lines are connected, and you know that you are in the perfect position for your putt.

I'm a very visual player, I know a lot of players are, and the design of this Pyramid Putter is pretty perfect in the sense that it gives you confidence to know that you've set up perfectly, you can make your putts, and you can feel confident before you even start your stroke.

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Daniel N.


First time I stroked it I heeled the ball. Sent it to the left and watch it curve ever so slightly back on track to the right and holed the putt. This putter is awesome

Douglas W.


Love the weight of the putter. It truly keeps the balls on track

Ken W.


The putter works just as it was advertised. I’m very happy with the feel and weight of the club.

Julio B.


The putter does everything they said it would do. My putting game has improved beyond belief. The 1st day out I shaved 8 strokes off my score. Broke 80. Looking forward to my next round. Thanx Pyramid.

Dave S.


The more I use it the better it gets. Making the short puts more often and making more of the long puts (10 feet plus) also.

Niles D.


The pyramid putter has a great feel, and gives a true putt each time.

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