Build Consistent Distance Control with the Tee Tunnel Putting Drill featuring Blair O’Neal


Hey everyone Blair O'Neill here outside on my putting green, working on some putting drills with my Pyramid Putter.

I like to call this drill the Tee Tunnel Drill, it's probably one of the oldest drills in the book. You've probably seen it, it's simple, but it's also not as easy as it looks - and it's guaranteed to help you make more putts.


So what I've done is I've set myself a bit of a challenge. I have a nine foot putt here, it's by no means going straight, it breaks left to right.

What I've done is I've taken my four tees, I'm going to create two tunnels that are about one putter length long.

Now essentially, if I hit this ball through the two tee tunnels without hitting a tee, I should have a really great chance of making this nine foot putt.


I've set my ball down as you can see, I prefer to set up the line on my ball whenever I place my ball on the ground. A lot of professional golfers do that, it's a great visual, great way to start off your putt.

Okay, through the tee tunnel, good stroke, good alignment. I’m tee free, thank goodness, and I have made it out.

Let me tell you, it doesn't happen every single time. If you do hit a tee, that's all right. Put the tee back and practice again. 


You can make this drill tougher if you want by shortening the distance between the tees. 

You can also keep bringing the tee tunnels out further and further away from each other. 

This drill is going to help you make more putts, and of course you gotta get the Pyramid Putter to help you make more putts as well. It's a winning combo.

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Bill H.


Oh My Oh My!!! What in the world did you send me?!!!! Probably the BEST putter I have ever used (and my garage is full of them). I seriously do not believe this will leave my hands for a VERY long time!!

Tony A.


I typically 3-putt as many as 4 holes per round using a Triple Track mallet. I often miss the 3 to 4-foot putts. I have played 3 times with the Pyramid mallet putter and have not 3-putted yet.  My golfing buddies are amazed and one is considering the blade. I'm 70 with an 8.3 index. If this keeps up, I'll get down to a 7 index!

Russell D.


The grip, offset, alignment, weight and club face surface all combine to create a perfect feel in my hands.  I sunk my first two putts with it, both from 20+ feet.  It inspires a confident stroke.

Moses H.


The putter feels pure in my hands.  Just so easy to keep it on line!

Niles D.


The pyramid putter has a great feel, and gives a true putt each time.

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After 20 days with practice and playing, the Pyramid Icor putter has made a big difference in my putting and scores. Almost no 3 puts and several 1 putts a round. The Pyramid ICOR putter feels terrific in my hands. Pace, alignment, and feel are just seem to be built into this putter. It will never come out of my bag it is so impressive.

Bob Curry

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