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Putt-To-Tee Drill with Blair O'Neal

Keep Your Ball on Track

We’re on the practice putting green and we’re not just going to putt to a hole like everyone does - we’re going to spice it up a little bit and we’re going to putt to a tee.

This drill is going to help us get dialed in, honed in, on the target and the speed.

Follow along with the video or read the transcript beneath to get started.

What You'll Need

The Drill

All of a sudden this target is really small, which is going to help us visually to see a smaller target and to make our misses much smaller.

(Blair putts to the tee) Two in a row, not bad, let’s see if we can go for a three. I would be happy with that drill.

Now after I've conquered that, I'm going to get my balls and I’m going to go to the same spot, but now I'm going to putt to the actual hole.

Now this hole all of a sudden is going to look huge. So we've got our speed dialed in, and now we have a large target to putt to, is what it feels like.

Try this drill out, I guarantee you’ll make more putts - but also, the Pyramid Putter is going to help you make more putts as well.

Bonus Tip

If you miss-hit the putt a little bit, this Pyramid Putter is going to help you keep your ball on track, dead straight, in the hole, and you're going to be making a lot more putts - I guarantee it.

Pyramid Putter


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  • Received my putter in 4 days after ordering. Took out to putting green, was a little tricky at first but was making one putts after a few tries.

    Sue Jones
  • Got this putter yesterday, used it today out of the box, great putter, love the grip and the balance as well. I dropped a number of putts in the hole the first time out. The line up on the putter is great, thanks

    Robert buzzell
  • I just got this putter. Even though at 86 year senior, I’m getting very comfortable with this putter. Balls go straight to holes. I,m quite confident I’ll be excellent putter in a few months. Come on guys, go get them. You’ll never be bewildered on greens. Period !!

    Andrew / California

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