Putting Over a Ruler Drill with Blair O’Neal

Hey everyone, Blair O’Neal here in my backyard in sunny Scottsdale Arizona putting with my Pyramid Putter of course.

I want to show you a little putting drill that I like to do out here on the putting greens - it's called putting over a ruler.

Now, the first thing that you can do is check your face. 

First off, you want to make sure that your ruler stick is on the proper line. I've already lined that up so that I know if I hit it perfectly over this ruler, the ball’s going into the hole.

We want to keep the ball on-line, you want to start the ball on-line, we want to make more putts. 

The first thing I'm going to do is put my putter face at the end of this ruler stick and just get a good visual of what it looks like when I know I'm aimed up correctly. 

Now that we have that in mind I'm going to step over to the ball, and I'm just going to put a good stroke on this ball and the ball is going to trail over the ruler stick and go in the hole if I have set up correctly and made a good stroke.

It looks easier than it is, try this at home.

Now of course with the Pyramid Putter, and the gear effect, and the milling, you're going to make more putts anyways because it's automatically going to keep your ball online - but it doesn't hurt to try to achieve some perfection.

So try out this putting drill at home and watch yourself make more putts.

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Bill H.


Oh My Oh My!!! What in the world did you send me?!!!! Probably the BEST putter I have ever used (and my garage is full of them). I seriously do not believe this will leave my hands for a VERY long time!!

Tony A.


I typically 3-putt as many as 4 holes per round using a Triple Track mallet. I often miss the 3 to 4-foot putts. I have played 3 times with the Pyramid mallet putter and have not 3-putted yet.  My golfing buddies are amazed and one is considering the blade. I'm 70 with an 8.3 index. If this keeps up, I'll get down to a 7 index!

Russell D.


The grip, offset, alignment, weight and club face surface all combine to create a perfect feel in my hands.  I sunk my first two putts with it, both from 20+ feet.  It inspires a confident stroke.

Moses H.


The putter feels pure in my hands.  Just so easy to keep it on line!

Niles D.


The pyramid putter has a great feel, and gives a true putt each time.

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First off, I am very satisfied with the workmanship of this putter. Very solid quality materials. A really nice medium sized grip with a nice feel. Haven’t used on the course yet. I’m in Chicagoland area, so it will be awhile before golf starts up again. I have used on artificial greens and it feels great. The one standout feature that I can notice is the roll of the ball. When struck in the middle it creates a very noticeable forward roll. This should help with not leaving putts short of the hole. The price was great so can’t wait to see the results durning play.

Michael Tagney

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