Putting Tip for Alignment: See Ball, See Hole with Blair O’Neal

Master Your Putting Alignment with This Simple Tip

Hi I'm Blair O'Neill, putting with my Pyramid iCOR Putter.

I'm gonna give you a putting tip today inspired by my two year old son who loves the mantra, “See ball, see hole.” Before he takes a whack at any shot, he says, “See ball, see hole.”

Watch the video below or follow along with the transcript beneath to get started.

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Video Transcript

So with this putting tip, I'm going to use all of my senses and I'm going to keep my eyes on the hole. Never looking at the ball, only the hole.

  1. So I'm going to set up, I have my tee set up here so I can get some consistency with the distance of this putt.

  2. Looking at the hole, I'm going to make a good stroke.

  3. See ball, see hole; keeping my eyes on the hole and I'm hearing the ball go into the hole.

Now this is a great drill to do, I used to do this when I was in college and actually I practiced it so much that in tournament golf, sometimes I would be looking at the hole and making putts and my coach would say, “You're looking at the hole!”, and said, “Well, it's a great practice drill to do.”

So, try this at home. I know it's going to help you out on the golf course, the putting green in your backyard, out in a tournament if you will.

See ball, see hole; you're going to make more putts with a Pyramid iCOR Putter.

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I use the Pyramid putter and I also use the see ball see hole putting stroke. It works for me and several of my golfing buddies

Don jessup

Vijay Singh often watches the hole when putting in tournaments…especially long putts. I’ve found it works for me as well, but you made it sound as though your coach’s remark indicates it’s not allowed in regular play???

Sue Olmos

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