Speed Towel Drill with Blair O’Neal

Work on Your Speed

We’re going to work on your speed right now. All you need to do is grab a golf towel off of your bag, fold it in half, and we’re going to set this directly behind the cup.

Follow along with the video or read the transcript beneath to get started.

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What You'll Need


Grab a golf towel, fold it in half, and set it directly behind the cup. The towel is going to give us a nice visual because like I said we're going to work on our speed now.

I have about a 6-7’ putt here. Now the goal of this drill is to make sure that you get the ball past the cup. Now if you're not in the hole, you cannot be short of the towel. You have to be at least on the towel, but you also don't want to be past the towel.

A great putt - is if you miss the putt - 12-18” is the zone that you want to leave yourself because you can definitely make that comeback putt. But you don't want to leave yourself those 3, 4, 5 footers by not having your speed good to go.

The Drill

I’ve got about a 6 footer here, make a good stroke on it. Alright, just missed the cup - but as you can see, I gave it a chance, and it's just past the hole. So that is a perfect example of how this drill works.

Alright, putt number 2. Again, we have to make sure that we at least give this ball a chance and give it to the cup or just past. There we go, great speed there, in the center we like that.

Putt number 3, same thing here. Good speed, gave it a chance, in the hole - but like I said, if you're going to miss it, be 12-18” past the hole because you're going to make those comeback putts, you're going to feel more confident, and you're going to make a lot more pars.

Recommended Putter

Now the other key to that is also using my Pyramid Putter, because this is going to help you get your speed dialed in as well.

If you don’t hit exactly in the center of the face, because not every golfer is perfect, this is going to help your mistake. It's going to surprise you, you're going to make a lot more of these putts. Do this drill, use this putter, and you're going to have a lot of fun there on the golf course.

Pyramid Putter

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First round after receiving my Pyramid putter was unbelievable. I made putts I would never have made with my very old Odyssey putter. Did I suddenly become a good putter or was the Pyramid the reason? I credit the alignment of the putts to Pyramid. It is why I wanted a new putter. Careless alignment can cause that surprise 3 putt. Take time and align with the alignment features on the pyramid and then find the right speed. The speed is up to the person…don’t blame it on the putter. I need to work on that. What a great experience that first use was. I will vouch for it being at least 3 strokes better than it would have been with the old blade.

Tom Germanson

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