Speed Training Putting Drill: 25 ft Ruler Drill with Blair O’Neal

Improve Your Putting Speed

Blair O’Neal here with a speed training drill and of course, the Pyramid iCOR Putter, which is going to help you with your speed as well.

Watch the video or read the transcript beneath to get started.

25 ft Ruler Drill Video

Video Transcript

What You’ll Need


I have a couple of balls set up at 25 feet to this hole here, and I have a yardstick set up about 18 inches past the hole.

We want to dial in our speed, but we want to give this ball a chance to go in that hole, and the only way to do that is to get the ball there.

So the goal of this putt is this: If I miss it, I want to hit it past the yardstick, about 18 inches. This is because I know that I can more than likely make that come back every time.

Let's set up here at 25 feet. A good looking putt, didn't go in, but you know what - it got past the hole, and it got past that 18 inch mark where we know that we can make some putts coming back.

Putt more like the pros with a Pyramid iCOR Putter. You're gonna make a lot more putts and your speed is absolutely going to be improved.


Pyramid iCOR Putter

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