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Learn How to Practice Putting at Home from the Pros

We all struggle to find time to get out on the course to play a few rounds, let alone make the drive just for a putting practice session.

With these top 8 best putting drills from professional golfer, model, and television personality Blair O'Neal, you can now practice your putting skills without having to pull out of your driveway.

These step-by-step guides not only break down the technicalities of putting, but Blair's charismatic and relatable teaching style will have you laughing while you learn how to improve your golf game.

Say goodbye to the yips and hello to lower scores with the best putting drills from Blair O'Neal.

1. Rhythm Putting Drill

Looking to work on your pace and dial in some speed? This rhythm putting drill is an improvement upon the ladder drill that will help you do exactly that so you can get out on the golf course with more confidence.

Remember, the distance is going to change, the length of your putting stroke might change, the speed of the putting stroke will change, but the rhythm of your putter head will always be the same.

Step-by-Step Rhythm Putting Drill Instructions

Head out to the practice green and get three balls, three objects, a putter, and a tape measure.

Set one object up 10 feet away from the hole, the second 15 feet away from the hole, and the third object 20 feet away from the hole.

Start at the 10 foot mark, dial in that distance, and putt.

Repeat the process for the second putt at the 15 foot mark and for the third putt at the 20 foot mark. Keep the putter straight and repeat this many times over and you'll shoot lower scores in no time.

2. Downhill Putting Drill

Let’s work on a putt that a lot of your playing partners out on a Sunday match won't give to you with the downhill putting drill. It’s that downhill 3 to 3 ½ footer that’s fast, a little bit dicey, and it means a lot to the game - you gotta make these putts.

Step-by-Step Downhill Putting Drill Instructions

On these dicey downhill putts, don't try to focus on a short stroke and shorter swing; instead, focus on the thumbnail that's on your putter grip.

Using your thumbnail, focus on just taking it one inch back , and one inch through.

This will automatically make you take a shorter stroke, which means a less powerful stroke to perfect those fast downhill putts.

Try setting up the thumbnail on the toe of your putter.

3. Putting Over a Ruler

To help hit putts more on-line, practice the putting over a ruler drill and get yourself a Pyramid Putter that will automatically keep your golf ball on-line from the gear effect and the milling.

Step-by-Step Putting Over A Ruler Instructions

Head out to the practice green, find a flat spot, grab a ruler that's roughly three feet long (roughly one putter length), and make sure that it's on the proper line. You do this so that you know that if you hit it perfectly over the ruler, the golf ball will go into the hole.

Put the putter face square at the end of the ruler stick and get a good visual of what it looks like when you know you're aimed up correctly. Having that in mind, step over the ball and put a good stroke on it.

If you set up the ruler correctly and make a good stroke, it will go right in.

4. Lag Putt Drill

Mastering the art of lag putting is critical to lower scores; the closer you get to the hole, the less putts you'll have to take to sink it in. This lag putt drill is a great drill designed to help you sink more putts from a distance.

Step-by-Step Lag Putt Drill Instructions

The goal of this lag putting drill is to train yourself to hit at least two feet past the hole.

First, set up a tee about 18" away from the hole and walk a good distance away from the cup.

Of course the ultimate goal here is to sink a one-putt from a considerable distance, but to get there, you must first practice trying to putt to the tee. Doing this will train you to putt closer to the tee and lower your three putts down to two putts.

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5. Putt-to-Tee Drill

For this one, Blair's on the practice putting green - and we’re not just going to putt to a hole like everyone does - we’re going to spice it up a little bit and with the putt-to-tee drill.

This putting drill teaches you how to get dialed in, honed in, on the target and the speed.

Step-by-Step Putt-to-Tee Drill Instructions

First, grab yourself a tee and set it up about three yards away. The aim of this drill is to simply hit the tee instead of sinking a putt.

Since the tee is significantly smaller than a hole, you're training yourself to aim for a much smaller target, which in effect makes it easier for you to hit larger targets, i.e. the hole.

6. Around the World

This is a great putting drill to make sure that you practice those short putts, straight putts, right to left, left to right, you have it all in this around the world game that helps to build confidence.

This putting drill teaches you how to get dialed in, honed in, on the target and the speed.

Step-by-Step Around the World Instructions for Short Putting

Get setup at your practice green by gathering four golf balls. Set each golf ball up about 18" to 24" away from the hole equidistant from each other. This is an improvement upon the clock putting drill.

Roll putts starting with one golf ball and work your way around all four.

This repetition will establish how little power you need to sink short putts as well as the muscle memory and rhythm you need for consistency while putting from a short range.

7. Right-Handed Putting Drill

The right-handed putting drill is exactly the same as the Around the World putting drill above, but you putt one handed with your dominant hand.

Step-by-Step Right-Handed Putting Drill Instructions

Practicing this drill is identical to around the world, but just practice this drill using only your right hand.

8. Speed Towel Putting Drill

Similar to the manilla folder putting drill, the final golf putting drill for today is the speed towel drill, where you'll work on your speed using only a folded towel to establish a good roll.

Step-by-Step Speed Towel Putting Drill Instructions

To practice this golf drill, first grab a golf towel, fold it in half, and set it directly behind the hole. The towel will serve as a visual as you work on your speed.

Place yourself about six to seven feet away from the hole, drop a ball, and aim to get the ball past the hole. If you're not in the hole, your ball can not be short of the towel or past the towel.

The general idea of this putting drill is to build confidence to putt with more power while also honing in on when the power is too much.

What is the best way to practice putting?

The best way to practice with your putter is to regularly spend time on the putting green, focus on proper technique and rhythm, and aim to consistently sink your putts. Incorporate the putting drills in this guide and use the Pyramid Putter to turn pushed or pulled putts into on-line, in-the-hole putts.

What are 2 fundamentals for good putting?

The two fundamentals of a good putting game are proper aim and a consistent stroke.

What are the 4 skills of putting?

The four skills of putting are aim, speed control, distance control, and reading the green.

How do I get more 10 foot putts?

To sink more ten-foot putts, first practice your distance control by hitting putts from that distance with the intention of consistently hitting your target. It's also important to develop your ability to read the green as well as a consistent stroke.

What is the best way to improve my putting?

The best way to improve your putting is to practice daily, consistently repeat putting drills, and play with a Pyramid Putter. Make sure that the drills focus on technique, aim, speed control, distance control, and reading the green.

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