How to Hit Chip and Pitch Shots Out of the Rough: Short Game Tips from John Novosel, Jr.

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Master Rough Lies with a Blend of Technique and Equipment

When you're faced with a challenging lie in the rough, it can be make-or-break for your score card. That's where our expert, John Novosel Jr., steps in. He's got a golden nugget of wisdom for pitching and chipping out of the rough that’s a blend of technique and equipment — you won't want to miss this.

Learn how to turn those tricky lies into opportunities for greatness and watch this top short game tip from John below.

Video: Top Short Game Tips for Pitching and Chipping Out of the Rough with John Novosel, Jr

Video Summary

In this video, John Novosel Jr. shares his expert advice on mastering your short game when pitching and chipping out of the rough. You’ll learn how to conquer these tricky short game shots using a curated blend of technique and equipment.

Key Takeaways

Reading the Lie

→ Understanding when to go shallow or steep.

Techniques for Different Lies

→ Learn how to adapt and get those shots closer to the pin.

The Pyramid P4 Prism Wedge

→ A game-changing club that cuts through rough and sand effortlessly.

Hey guys, John Novosel Jr. here. I've got a short game tip for pitching and chipping out of the rough; part of its equipment, part of its technique. Let's start with that technique.

You got to read this lie. If the lie is really good, if this thing is sitting up pretty nice, I can be very shallow with this thing. Don't have to worry about hitting down or do anything crazy with my wrist. I can get this thing to go straight up in the air, it's gonna pop up. That's a beautiful shot, 57° wedge.

If the lie is sitting down, I'm going to have to work on getting a little steeper to get in there — and one thing that really helps me when I do that is this new Pyramid P4 Prism Wedge. This thing is awesome. I just hit some bunker shots and I was amazed how it cuts through the sand, it gets through the rough equally as well. It's got this super cool sole, it looks like the old Ginty fairway woods, so it really cuts through that sand, but it also keeps the club square as you go through there.

So this thing is really sitting down, now I'm going to open that face. I gotta lift up a little bit and sort of work that way. If I go shallow, it's gonna be really tough to get down there.

Let’s see how this wedge does. Oh my gosh, it bounces right off of there with this thing. It is amazing, I really am in love with this Pyramid P4 Prism Wedge; bunker play, rough, those types of shots.

So remember: if you got a good lie, you can be very shallow. If that lie is sitting down, you gotta chop and get after it.

Try this wedge, I guarantee it'll help you around the green for better short game shots and lower scores.

Brand-New P4 Prism Wedges

Meet the Pyramid P4 Prism Wedge, your new best friend on the greens. These wedges are designed to simplify loft selection and excel in rough lies or bunker shots, thanks to its innovative sole that cuts through sand and rough with ease.

With the P4 Prism Wedge, you can confidently tackle even the toughest lies, turning them into scoring opportunities. It's your ticket to a better short game, and John Novosel Jr. swears by it!

Is the P4 Prism Wedge suitable for all skill levels?

Absolutely! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced golfer, the P4 Prism Wedge can help you improve your short game.

How does the P4 Prism Wedge perform in sand traps?

The P4 Prism Wedge's unique sole design makes it exceptionally effective in both rough lies and sand traps.


"When I first used the P4 57 wedge in the bunker, I was shocked at how it cut through the sand….like a hot knife through butter.  It simplified bunker play because I could just take a ’normal’ swing and let the club do the work.  As I used it in other situations, I realized the technology built into these wedges just flat out makes short game shots easier.  If you’re looking for new wedges and looking to cut strokes around the green, look no further than the P4!"

p4 prism wedge set
Featured: P4 Prism Wedge

In Conclusion

There you have it, golfers. We've explored the art of handling rough lies with expert guidance from John Novosel Jr. and the incredible features of the brand-new P4 Prism Wedge by Pyramid Golf.

Remember, practice makes perfect, so get out there and put these tips to the test. The P4 Prism Wedge is your secret weapon for conquering tricky lies and scoring lower.

Let's keep the game fun and exciting, one swing at a time. To better golf,

Matt Stephens

Inventor at Pyramid Golf

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