Bunker Shot Tips: Entering the Sand with the Right Equipment with John Novosel, Jr

Featured: P4 Prism Wedge

Never Fear Another Bunker

We've all faced that dreaded moment when our ball lands in a bunker in such a way that left us wondering, “How do I get out of this mess?” After practicing these tips, you won’t dread that moment ever again.

Today, we're diving into the secrets of mastering bunker shots via entering the sand and choice of equipment with none other than Top 100 Teacher John Novosel, Jr. Let’s get started.

Bunker Shot Video Tip

Featured: P4 Prism Wedge

Turn confusion into confidence and save strokes in every round

Summary & Key Takeaways

Bunkers can be intimidating, especially when you find yourself struggling to escape with finesse. That's why John has an unconventional tip up his sleeve that involves changing your approach. Plus, there's a star player in this game – the Pyramid P4 Prism Wedge.

In this video, John Novosel Jr. shares a game-changing tip for bunker shots – a wider and shallower backswing. Coupled with the Pyramid P4 Prism Wedge, this technique helps you glide through the sand effortlessly.

Key takeaways include:

  • The importance of a wide and shallow backswing.
  • How the P4 Prism Wedge cuts through tough bunker sand.
  • A demonstration of the technique for crisp, spin-packed shots.

Click for Transcript

Hey guys, John Novosel Jr. here. I've got a tip for you out of the bunkers. It's about a different way to enter the sand, it's also about equipment. So, I see a lot of people getting really, really steep out of the bunkers. I want you to try a much wider backswing, much more shallow. But I also want you to try this new Pyramid P4 Prism Wedge. I can't believe when I took my first practice stroke how this cuts right through the sand. It's kind of hard packed in here, and it cut right through the sand. So let's give this a try. Very shallow, very wide, kind of like Steve Stricker or Jason Day, and then you just let the club do the work, open face. Pops it right out of there, had some nice spin on it — and this is tough sand! I don't know if you can tell, but there's just not much sand in here. Look at that come right out of there! I'm not even trying and there's hardly any sand. Great wedge, great feel. Try that for better bunker play and lower scores.

Meet the P4 Prism Wedges

Turn confusion into confidence with the brand-new Pyramid P4 Prism Wedges, your new best friends in the bunker. Designed to simplify loft selection and cut down on self-doubt, these wedges also excel in rough lies or bunker shots thanks to their innovative sole that cuts through sand and rough with ease.

With the P4 Prism Wedges, you can confidently tackle even the toughest lies, turning them into scoring opportunities. This simple two-wedge system is your ticket to more confident bunker play and lower scores, guaranteed.

Discover the other cutting-edge features and take one home today to turn confusion into confidence and save strokes in every round.

Featured: P4 Prism Wedge

In Conclusion

You’ve now unlocked the secrets of mastering bunker shots with a wider and shallower backswing, paired with the incredible P4 Prism Wedges — now you gotta practice!

As you head to the course, remember to embrace the sand and trust your technique. The P4 Prism Wedge is your passport to better bunker play and the promise of lower scores.

Let's keep the game fun and exciting, one miserable bunker at a time.

To better golf,

Matt Stephens

Inventor, Pyramid Golf

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