Putting Drill for Speed and Distance Control: Single Hand Drill with Blair O’Neal

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Hi, I'm Blair O'Neal putting with my Pyramid iCOR Putter.

And one of the tips that I've done since I started playing golf is putting with my right hand only.

Now you have to ask yourself, “Which hand do you have the best feel with?” For me, it's my right hand, I feel like all of my feel is in my right hand.

So what I like to do is set up Around the World. I've got four points set up around the hole, setup with a tee about three or four feet. Let's start there and putt with your dominant hand, honing in on that speed, on the hole, on the distance, on the field. Hearing the ball go in, seeing the ball go in.

If you want to level out your practice, practice with both hands with one hand at a time. For me, I’d be practicing with my less dominant hand, my left hand.

Let's set up here. Really taking it to the next level, and making lots of putts. Building that confidence out in the putting green with your Pyramid iCOR Putter.


Pyramid iCOR Putter

The original "self-correcting" putter now gives you superior distance control, forgiveness, and feel.

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