Sink More Putts with the Yardstick Drill ft. Blair O'Neal

Easy Yardstick Drill for Perfect Rolls

Want to putt with more confidence and precision? In this video, professional model, golfer, and TV personality Blair O’Neal shares a fantastic putting drill that's easy to set up and incredibly effective. Using a simple yardstick, you can train your eye to see the perfect putting line and groove a smooth, accurate stroke.

Video: Yardstick Putting Drill

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Key Takeaways

  • Visualize Success : The yardstick drill helps you see your putt roll perfectly down the line and into the hole. This visual cue strengthens your putting intuition.

  • Improved Accuracy : By focusing on keeping the ball rolling on the yardstick, you naturally develop a smoother, more controlled putting stroke.

  • Simple & Effective : This drill requires minimal equipment (just a yardstick!) and can be done anywhere with a flat surface.

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Blair O’Neal here with the Pyramid iCOR Putter , making lots of putts on the green with this putter because no matter where you hit it on the face, the ball will be redirected onto your line.

But — we all want to strive to make the best strokes, and I'm a very visual player like probably a lot of you at home watching this.

So what I like to do is set up a ruler, it's just a regular standard ruler. I have about a four foot putt here. So my ball is resting on this ruler and I'm going to watch it go down the line into the hole. It's a great visual drill to see your ball go into that hole. So let’s set up with my Pyramid iCOR Putter

You see that ball stay on that yardstick, all the way through into the hole, creating a great putt, great visual. All you have to do is head to your local hardware store, pick up a yardstick, set it out, make some putts with your new Pyramid iCOR Putter.

Meet Your New Putter

Pyramid iCOR Putter

Putting is where you can truly shave strokes off your scorecard, and the Pyramid iCOR Putter is designed to help you do just that. Pushed and pulled putts become on-line, in-the-hole putts with the innovative grooved face; in other words, the iCOR literally corrects your miss-hits.

This putter combines cutting-edge iCOR technology with a sleek, player-friendly design to give you a number of advantages on the greens. Add the Pyramid iCOR Putter to your arsenal today to hole more putts, lower your scores, and take complete control of your short game.


What kind of putter should I use with this drill?

This drill works with any putter, but Blair recommends the Pyramid iCOR Putter for its forgiving sweet spot.

How long should I practice this drill?

Start with 10-15 minute sessions and gradually increase the duration as you get comfortable.

Wrapping Things Up

Grab a yardstick, channel your inner Blair, and start practicing this fantastic drill! With consistent practice, you'll be sinking more putts and lowering your scores in no time.

To better golf,

Matt Stephens

Founder & Inventor, Pyramid Golf

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