Short Game Guide: Pro Tips for Mid-Range Wedge Shots from John Novosel, Jr.

Featured: P4 Prism Wedge

Proven Wedge Tactics for Mid-Range Precision

Struggling with those tricky mid-range wedge shots? You’re not alone.

Many golfers find these shots daunting, often falling prey to inconsistent swings and poor alignment, but luckily we have John Novosel Jr. to turn your short game around with some game-changing tips.

Delve into the nuances of hitting a clean, low, flighted wedge shot using the innovative P4 Prism Wedge and learn how to approach your next 65-yard challenge with newfound confidence and precision in this short game video guide and tip post.

Video: How to Hit Mid-Range Wedge Shots

Featured: P4 Prism Wedge

Turn confusion into confidence and save strokes in every round

Key Takeaways

In this video, John Novosel Jr. demonstrates the simplicity of mastering the mid-range wedge shot. He introduces a closed stance technique, emphasizing the importance of body alignment and rotation through the shot.

Viewers will learn to avoid common mistakes and achieve great contact and flight with the P4 Prism Wedge. Expect to walk away with actionable steps to enhance your accuracy and control over the ball.

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Hey guys, John Novosel Jr. here, I've got a short game tip for you on how to hit that mid-range wedge shot. I’ve got 65 yards in this flagstick, I'm gonna show a couple tips you can do to hit that low, flighted wedge. I'm going to use the new Pyramid P4 Prism 57° .

So I think a lot of times golfers on this type of shot, they try to get an open stance, they try to kind of lift it up and do all this. I'm going to simplify this for you.

We're gonna go with more of a closed stance, trail foot’s back here, open up this lead foot. We're gonna have some room in here, and then we're going to almost lean into this shot.

So I think what I see with a lot of golfers as they get here, they get this way, they go that way. We're going to be more this way with that close stance, leaning in and rotating through. Let's give that a try.

Great contact, great feel, great flight. This P4 Wedge is awesome, gets me smoothly through the ground. Also with this weighting and alignment, I know where I'm going and I know I can control that flight.

So, give those tips a try; closed stance, lean in, rotate through.

Meet the P4 Prism Wedge System

Turn confusion into confidence with the brand-new Pyramid P4 Prism Wedges, your new best friends on the greens. The wedge's design promotes a closed stance and proper rotation, crucial for achieving low, controlled flights. 

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With the P4 Prism Wedges, you can confidently tackle even the toughest lies, turning them into scoring opportunities. This simple two-wedge system is your ticket to more confident bunker play and lower scores, guaranteed.

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Featured: P4 Prism Wedge


What is the key to a successful mid-range wedge shot?

A proper stance, body alignment, and rotation through the shot are essential.

How can I control the flight of my wedge shots?

Use a closed stance and focus on the rotation and lean in your swing for better flight control.

What common mistakes should I avoid in mid-range wedge shots?

Avoid opening your stance too much and lifting the club instead of rotating through the shot.

Wrapping Things Up

Remember — mastering the mid-range wedge shot with the P4 Prism Wedge is all about simplicity and the right technique. John Novosel Jr.’s tips on maintaining a closed stance, leaning into the shot, and ensuring a smooth rotation can dramatically improve your performance.

Embrace these strategies to hit your targets with precision every time. Try out these tips, and watch your golf game transform. Thanks for stopping by, until next time.

To better golf,

Matt Stephens

Founder & Inventor, Pyramid Golf

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